S T E V E   P I L G R I M ’S   BIO

Steve Pilgrim is a strategist focused on continual improvement and profit management in organizations. Soon after graduating from engineering school Pilgrim began his graduate work in finance. After listening to Tom Peters early in his career, Pilgrim began applying the techniques of continual improvement taught by Peters, Phillip Crosby and W. Edwards Deming.

Working on distribution, supply chain management and profit improvement in a wide range of industries, Pilgrim understands the difference between results and buzzwords. He was part of a talented team at MicroAge in the early 1990's and helped create an operating strategy that led that company to be the number one stock on the NASDAQ in 1993.

He was one of the co-founders and project strategists for it worx, inc., a business, technology, and supply chain advisory company in Memphis, TN. it worx seeks business clients who want to build lasting excellence into their operations and technology management using the SouthWare Excellence Series.

Recently, Pilgrim has expanded his work by founding Continual Improvement. The company helps businesses that are committed to building their strategies around the elimination of waste, becoming more competitive and thriving in the face of global competitors. The company also helps its clients get past management fads to focus on the improvement methods that really make a difference. The principles of lean thinking and the Toyota Production System (TPS) are cornerstone strategies in the company's advisory work.

Pilgrim also finds time to write a weblog about the many ways people find to make a rat race out of life and work.